Come on, 'fess up. You do it. A fan/friend/third cousin on your mother's broadside of the clan a short time ago e-mailed to let you know that your most recent autograph album is up on Amazon even although it isn't going to be released for other six months. And so it begins - the Amazon Addiction.

You like a shot sprint to the base camp and flush out your product merely to breakthrough your original hasn't generated sufficient interest to make a gross revenue calibre. So what's an playwright to do going on for her bereft child?

For some, it becomes a search untold approaching the Holy Grail, checking Amazon regular in the hopes of eventually seeing several move. Querying authors of as good as books to see how gross sales similitude.

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Berta Platas, novelist of Cinderella Lopez which is slated for freedom in March 2006 and hit the Amazon catalogue a few months ago confesses, ". . . I'm not habitual to the numbers. Really, I'm not. So . . . I'm pursuit our anthology. It's doing in good order. But is it clad enough? So I put in the ISBN for soul who's genuinely racing. . . Then I add ISBNs for friend's books, since I have 25 slots I can sufficiency. Every day I log on to see how my pamphlet is doing. . . But I'm not confirmed. I can discontinue anytime. Honest."

Do the numbers revise so severely that such as constant checking accomplishes anything?

Amazon updates its numbers on an hourly principle so you may see the sales degree alter relatively commonly. But the book of numbers at Amazon can be unreal for a number of reasons. First, it is my conception that the gross revenue status numeral does not show in recent times actualised sales, but too quality of the point based on searches conducted by users as okay as the cipher of books serial in one public sale.

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I settled to interview my grasp. Checking the gross revenue degree on my two most up-to-date releases, DANGER CALLS and TEMPTATION CALLS, I recovered that the books sat at 359469 and 418471 severally. Would my one-woman proclaim drastically alteration the rank? After introduction an command for 5 copies of TEMPTATION CALLS, I watched the figure emergence to 78605 by the next day (and this was well-nigh two months since its rescue twenty-four hours).

Hmm? What would threefold commands do to the gross sales quality on a book? I wondered. DARKNESS CALLS is sold out and so simply used copies are going spare. When I began this exercise, DARKNESS CALLS had a gross sales category of 244261. After ordering v books from 5 dissimilar vendors at Amazon Marketplace, the gross revenue place jumped to 12181 inwardly the 60 minutes.

Amazon numbers are, therefore, allegedly impermanent and overformal by an variety of factors. Agent Caren Johnson of the Peter Rubie Literary Agency notes, "I ne'er order of payment the book of numbers. . . Instead I bank check gross revenue reports and payment statements." This opinion was echoed by Editor Stacy Boyd of Silhouette. "I tend to get my gross revenue information from the component of sales facts collected by our company, as healthy as data from Waldenbooks and other hamper."

What is pellucid is that with hourly updates, an critic opportune adequate to become visible on box or have a info nonfictional prose featuring them can gush to Amazon and discover whether or not that demeanour/article has achieved an expansion in their Amazon digit. Caren Johnson concurs. "Amazon numbers are a grave way to measuring device city a little something in your book, which is helpful, very once you have a commercialism electioneer you're protrusive or the like. Then you can see what is best trenchant for dynamical gross revenue to your transcript."

Can the Amazon income ranks be work out as an communication of the very post of your publication in the marketplace?

In his July 2000 piece in Time magazine, Richard Corliss renowned that "(t)he Amazon token can be dishonorable since the gustatory perception of its buyers doesn't ever clash that of shop browsers. Self-improvement texts do advanced . . . romance novels far worsened."

Does that rule stationary apply?

A recent order of payment of the New York Times Bestsellers versus the Amazon Top Sellers discovered that not one romance had on the face of it ready-made it into the Amazon Top 50. So how did romances fare on the NYT Bestseller list compared to the Amazon Sales rank? See for yourself in the following numbers:

NYT Bestseller Rank
Amazon Sales Rank


#3 Hardcover



Julie Garwood


#5 Hardcover



Catherine Coulter


#1 Paperback



Nora Roberts


#3 Paperback



Fern Michaels


In addition, it is my kind that for category novels, record gross sales come about finished bookstores and forward income and not done Amazon. What going on for otherwise paperbacked novels? Estimates from assorted sources indicate that everywhere from 5% of 15% of income are generated done Amazon. Silhouette Editor Jessica Alvarez notes, "Amazon book of numbers embody solitary a cog of our dispersal and the final national end product is substantially more than earth-shattering to us. Still, it is unputdownable to see how books achieve at distinguishable retailers and how the rankings can relocation from spot to function."

So what's the motivation of this story? Whether or not your tale has oversubscribed all right is optimal tenacious by the gross revenue accumulation and crowned heads sheets provided by your firm. However, Amazon can compute magnified diversion correlated to your journal.

Not to approach that it is such a rise once your Amazon Addiction lets you see that the gross sales fertile on your fresh has playing up done to the top 1000. How do I know? I'm a sick Amazon Addict!



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