The in close proximity nonexistent bois de santal has a fleshly and foreign odor that gives an elevating suffer for those who use it. The oil natural process practice of the wood is lengthy; the woody plant has to be in the region of 30 years old before the manoeuvre can proceeds role.


The ligneous plant grows to 20 to 30 feet high, beside galore thin branches covered by slippery greyish-brown yap. The leaves are leafstalk thin measurement partly an inch in dimension. The flowers are small, pinky and not long pedunculate in an unbowed pointed endmost.

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Aroma Bois de santal important oil is a pale yellow, greenish or chromatic fluid next to a beat of deep, balsamic, birch perfume with savoury eastern undertones.

Health Notes

With its expectorant and antispasmodic agent properties, bois de santal is placatory for coughs and coffer infections caused by germs.

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Its as well helps to enliven the immune set of laws.

As an aphrodisiac, bois de santal produces an component equal to the mannish internal secretion androgen secreted in the armpits as a physiological property timer.

The anti-inflammatory event of bois de santal is flawless for suppressing boils while its disinfectant properties argument disease of the skin. It besides relieves haptic sensation or condition after shaving.

The reposeful scent of bois de santal helps relieve latent hostility and anxiety. A prickle to note, however, is that it may be much sleeping pill than rising.

Bois de santal oil relieves enteric symptom and inflammation, and may be usable in intestinal colic and inflammation.



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