Thumbing through with Isaiah lately I was surprised to brainstorm this: after a passageway (in Isaiah 19) in which the clairvoyant describes horrors that caused the whist of the Egyptians to "melt inside them," he predicts that "the culture will whirl to the Lord, and he will react to their pleas and mend them." The subsequent lines draw how three acrimonious enemies-Egypt, Assyria, and Israel-will "worship together" and how all iii will go "a approving on the earth. The Lord Almighty will put forward them, saying, 'Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my tradition.'" What a picture!

Like the past Egyptians, those who died in Southeast Asia on December 26 (and since past) are in God's hands. But among the people amazing things have happened. Will they last? In Sri Lanka, wherever a decades-old hostilities has killed twofold as galore culture as died in the tsunamis, Tamil Tigers and Sinhalese have united forces in undivided relief hard work. So have Hindus and Muslims in India.

The United States has an unprecedented possibility to embracing Muslims of several nations as the chap human beings they are, not lonesome near upheaval comfort but beside sure-enough gentleness and donations. The planetary has been struck; what would pass if we let God meliorate us? Why can't the natural event described in Isaiah 19 ensue today? Why can't liberty and order better the wounds of today's wars-including the lowly wars that break so umteen of our relationships?

What If

What if we grasped the sec that is now
(don't ask me when; don't ask me how)
and all personage on the street
became the utmost big one to meet?

What if the Hindu fishermen
(the ones their Muslim neighbors sheltered in a musjid)
called on all Indians of some faith
to end sectarian strife?

What if the Tamil Tigers
(who lost so plentiful brood in the top)
decided not to transport any more
child soldiers to argue their Sri Lankan war?

What if in the USA
(tell me, why can't it take place today?)
the Christians put their missiles away
and disarmed their enemies with love?

What if the Laskar mujahedeen
(who killed Christians on the Malukus)
called on their brothers and sisters worldwide
to grip nonviolent resistance and peace?

Why can't it start now
(while hands are serving and whist are hurting)
that we take out all obstacles
to manufacture this and much, by a long way more than possible?

Or will our keeping and black maria and minds
(united now in a common group)
trade shovels, grief, and generosity
for guns and avidity and animosity?

What if we grasped the sec that is now
(now we cognise when; now we cognize how)
and not put off what we can do today
for tomorrow, once all could be washed away?



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