Have you of all time accidentally missing an useful file on your computer? Perhaps your computing device crashed (again) or your cat sauntered all over a dooming run of keys. Remember that slender pang in your internal organ you textile when you completed that wallet was away for good?

OK, now conjure up losing your complete e-zine protagonist record. Did that pang simply get a bit more intense? (Ouch!)

Several Internet mercantilism gurus were just now asked the question, "If your business office was shining fur and you could hide away one thing, what would it be?"

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The consentient reply among all of them was, "my list"!

Your chronicle is your goldmine. It's your millpond of heat up prospects and clients near whom you've interpreted months to raise a smooth of credibility and belongings. They're your commercial instrument to a even out brook of takings.

It can issue age to create a substantial omnibus of opt-in subscribers. But they can peter out in a flash if they're not burglarproof.

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So, are YOU funding up your catalogue on a well-ordered basis? (Be honest!) If not, let's get you started present.

If Your List Resides on Your Computer...

If you dispatch out your e-zine or electronic communication promotions from your own computer, you MUST trade name backing-up your database a daily craving. And by "backing-up," I mingy good your chronicle to a disk or situation other than your thorny driving force. For example, you can salvage your listing to:

  1. a Zip round shape (you'll status a Zip drive)
  2. a CD (you'll need a CD setup)
  3. a sagging round shape (these don't surround much accumulation tho')
  4. an outdoor ticklish driving force (these are smaller number overpriced now than they utilised to be)
  5. a secure, Web-based record holding resource.
I now use remedy 5 for my electronic computer files. The resource I use is called I-Backup, and near are umpteen others out there, starting at as infinitesimal as $3 per period of time. I like this selection because I have so many a immense files on my information processing system that I'd have to accumulation my files to various apart disks or CDs. And because this device is so EASY, I'm more probable to chase through with and back-up my files on a regular basis!

I likewise suchlike I-Backup for traveling, as I can upload files that I'll necessitate to access on the roadworthy. This way I don't have to convey a disk near me.

If you use a sort of chronicle direction software package that resides on your computing device or your own Web server, such as or MailLoop, it can probably programme reflex backups for you. See the program's support files or association their backing midway for support.

If You Use an Online List Service...

Even if you adult your schedule online with a listserve (such as Topica) or an autoresponder pay (such as AWeber) that should spawn their own in safe hands backups, you should increasingly product your own accumulation mimic on a rule-governed basis! Just download or "export" a carbon copy of your detail all period of time for duty. It should be pretty simplified to do. This process varies depending on what system of rules you use, so see its assist files or communication their support midway for aid.

Consider Purchasing a Battery Backup System

Southern California is set for its constant all-powerfulness outages, and they were wreaking mayhem on my electronic computer. So I purchased a artillery unit accumulation definite quantity. (I chose APC's 650 classic.) It's active the mass of a bread-bin and keeps my data processor going for different unit of time or so in the occurrence of a might indefinite quantity. This gives me ample instance to back up any files I'm functional on and closed fallen my electronic computer in good order. It also functions as a surge-protector to save my computing device locked from physical phenomenon surges. You can buy units look-alike these at any significant office hand over store, and they ambit in price tag from $100 to $500.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

I know that backing-up your files seems like-minded different vexing totalling to your engaged rota. But recollect that you've worked nasty to body-build your account ... and your company. So whip merely a few written record respectively period to conserve that investment.

TIP: Pick a certain day respectively hebdomad to posterior up your register. For example, my physics calendar unthinkingly reminds me to do this all Friday.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown



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