You must be inquisitive why Dell printers outward show resembling new Lexmark printers. Lexmark International is the concern of optical maser printers for Dell. Even the ink cartridges of both optical device printers facade the identical but they are not complementary and will not profession if utilised in the new humiliate.

Lexmark International, Inc.

Lexmark International, Inc. is one of the leaders in developing, trade and indefinite quantity of printing solutions, e.g., Lexmark inkjet printers and optical maser printers. Lexmark, which was supported in 1991, is also wide better-known for its multifunction products and connected provisions and employment. While it provides color optical maser printers and another IT products for marital and business office writing requests of consumers in more than 150 countries, it besides does business organization to business with other big obloquy in IT-based technologies. Lexmark according receipts of much than $4.1 billion in 2001. More message something like Lexmark International, Inc. could be found in its website at

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Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corporation is one of the essential traducement in statistics application as far as providing for the IT and internet requirements of a range of trade nigh on the world are bothered. Following door-to-door company model, Dell is first-class identified for its personalized products and work that reply special client requirements. It has an large inspection of computer code and peripherals which it designed and manufactured. It rumored a quarterly revenue of $32.1 billion. Dell is a hallmark of Dell Computer Corporation and it does not allege any patented zest in the defamation and trademarks of remaining entities. More hearsay going on for Dell Computer Corporation can be recovered at

Case in Point: Dell Color Laser Printer 5100cn

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Dell Color laser 5100cn, is passably priced compared to Lexmark C762n. At smaller amount than $1000, this optical device skilled worker from Dell comes next to Ethernet experience and prints both sides of the newspaper. It has adequate rush that is skilful of manual labour an office workgroup environment.

Lexmarks' C762n comes near utilization tracking, it is able of printing banners and opposite exceptional features that Dell printers of the said family do not have. While comes near an splendid schedule of upgrades, Dell Color Laser 5100cn too has some upgradeable features lacking putting a hole in your pockets. One of Dell Color Laser 5100cn's top features is its fixed duplexer that can bubble out twofold sided print-outs. This is an expensive part to the much pricey Lexmark C762n.

One of the optimal advantages of having Dell printers is that it offers to recycle your old skilled worker for free, careless of trade name. It as well has an online column that provides admittance to awareness base and driver downloads. All in all, Dell Color Laser 5100cn gives you copesettic dramatization in position of print-outs in both dark and white and color department writing requests. What create it larger is that Dell printers come up in at a substandard asking price compared to Lexmark printers.



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