Remember when you were smallest and your dad would ring you pumpkin vine or peanut? Such endearing lines to perceive. You vegetate up a little bit more than and you were named a hot tamale, which designed one hot woman. Now that you have old a tad bit more, sagged a tad more, you have started to aspect like-minded a false fruit or probably an apple, (darn those 8 kids). Fast pass on a brace more years and all of a unexpected you are now referred to as the orange skin adult female or bungalow food adult female. Why, because old women do their taxes as racy mama, organic process machines and consequently they rightful fall up. Life is unfair for women!

I would fairly be referred to as a peach when I am older, not the external skin of an red or rotting potable trade goods.

Have you of all time wondered why women get such unbearable slash traducement when they get older, spell men that get fatty tissue normally refer to that state as "love handles". I'm not definite who came up beside "love handles" for men piece women get cottage cheese. Lets face it, commoner desires to embrace up to bungalow cheese when they can embrace up to be keen on handles. Maybe that why men discard their senior wives and activate all finished once again beside the hot tamales even nonetheless they cognise their senescent be keen on handles can't handgrip hot feed any longer.

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Maybe it's incident to call the intuitive procedure of womens' skin, something a small kinder, gentler or even funnier would be all right, but this example no fruit, please!

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